Stump Grinding

Making your property look nicer by removing bulky and hazardous tree stumps.

Stump Grinding

The Stump Grinding Process

Stump grinding is an integral part of the tree work process. It involves the removal of a tree stump and its roots from the ground. For this service, we use a stump grinder machine to grind away the wood and dirt until a small pile of sawdust and mulch remains. This technique can be used to clear land for new construction or landscaping projects, as well as to remove stumps that may be hazardous or unsightly on residential and commercial properties. Stump grinding can help make your yard look better while making it safer for you and your family.

Not only does stump grinding help prevent tripping hazards, but it also helps reduce the spread of disease and pests in your garden or lawn. It also makes it easier to replant or landscape around the area where the tree stump was removed. With professional tree work services, you can rest assured that your tree stump will be safely removed with minimal disruption to your yard.

Our stump grinding services are done the same day as the tree removal. Per request, we can apply seed or sod, so the remaining hole in the lawn is replaced by beautiful grass, making it safer and nicer to look at.

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Common Questions & Answers

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes and we are glad you asked. We are fully licensed and insured to provide tree services in Pennsylvania. Our memberships and affiliations include the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), Tree Care Industry Association, and BBB.

It is highly recommended to choose an experienced tree removal company who can provide you with their credentials.

Our coverage also includes Workers' Compensation, which protects the homeowner and employee.

How much will the tree work cost?

One of the most common questions we get asked is the cost of having tree work done. The cost of tree work depends on a number of factors, such as:

  • The machinery and equipment needed to remove a tree, trim a tree, clear a lot, or other services
  • The time the tree work will take
  • The complexity of the job and size of the tree(s)
  • How many employees are needed for the job

Ultimately, our arborists cannot quote any tree service without seeing the job in question. However, we are happy to schedule an estimate at no cost to you.

Do you provide emergency tree services?

We do provide local emergency tree services. We have been known to rescue a few cats stuck in trees and have helped many neighbors with trees that have fallen due to severe weather.

Please don't hesitate to call. If we are able to help during an emergency, we certainly will!

What areas do you serve?

We mainly provide tree services in:

  • Coatesville, PA
  • Thorndale, PA
  • Downingtown, PA
  • Glenmoore, PA
  • Chester Springs, PA
  • Lionville, PA
  • Exton, PA
  • West Chester, PA
  • Marshallton, PA
  • West Goshen, PA
  • Malvern, PA
  • Paoli, PA
  • Frazer, PA
  • Wagontown, PA
  • Honey Brook, PA
  • Brandamore, PA
  • Parkesburg, PA
  • Pomeroy, PA
  • Sadsburyville, PA
  • Kennett Square, PA
  • Chadds Ford, PA

Do I need to be home when you're doing the tree work?

You can but it is not required. Please keep in mind that if it is raining or snowing, we will have to reschedule due to safety reasons.

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